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Cape Times article on the book launch of BODIES OF TRUTH - by Rita Kesselring

New book on victims of apartheid era atrocities

A new book by Swiss anthropologist Rita Kesselring seeks to open dialogue on how victims of apartheid-era atrocities deal with the long-term effects, years after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Kesselring spent two and a half years researching material for Bodies of Truth: Law, Memory, and Emancipa- tion in Post-Apartheid South Africa. It launched last night at Clarke’s Bookshop in Long Street with a discussion by Kesselring and chairperson in African studies at UCT Lungi- sile Ntsebeza, on what new discourse the book would bring in the greater context of South Africa. 

SA Launches of the Book, Bodies of Truth in Johannesburg and Cape Town

Dr Rita Kesselring who conducted her fieldwork with Khulumani members in the Western Cape, is currently visiting South Africa to launch the book published from her PhD.

The book is entitled BODIES OF TRUTH and offers an intimate account of how apartheid victims deal with the long-term effects of violence, focusing on the intertwined themes of embodiment, injury, victimhood, and memory. 

Marking The Centenary Of The Passing Of A Remarkable Pioneer Of Education, Mrs Nokutela Dube In The Lounge Of Dr Xuma's Sophiatown Home And At Her Grave In Brixton Cemetery

On Saturday 28 January 2017 the student study interim group from St Olaf College, facilitated by Khulumani Support Group, attended a gathering hosted by Mrs Joyce Siwani, great niece of Mrs Nokutela Dube, at the Sophiatown Remix Centre in Toby Street, Sophiatown, Johannesburg, the home of former ANC President Dr A B Xuma (see background information below).

The study group then moved to the grave site of Mam'Nokutela Dube in the Brixton Cemetery to commemorate her life one hundred years after her passing in 1917.

Empowerment as Response to Apartheid

Khulumani played a critical role of organising and supporting a study visit in January 2017 by a group of 23 students and 2 professors from St Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. We share the blog posts written each week of the visit by a select group of students. The blog can be found here:

Close your eyes. Imagine your home. Whatever that means to you. Your pets, your favorite book on its shelf, your neighbors, your school, Sunday dinners with your family. And now imagine all of that being taken from you. This is the reality for the 4 million+ people between 1960-1983 who were forced to move out of their homes because of the color of their skin.

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