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Sign the Petition: Khulumani Support Group endorses the Campaign to Uphold the Rule of Law in South Africa

Khulumani Support Group shares the concern of citizens of South Africa at the collusion of South African officials at the highest level in willfully disobeying the court order prohibiting the departure of President of the Republic of Sudan, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir from South Africa, before the finalisation of legal proceedings, in violation of the country's international legal obligations.

A Tribute to Khulumani men's Forum Leader, Siyabonga Mengisa: Prepared for his funeral in Engcobo, Eastern Cape, 4 July 2015


Today our hearts are very heavy because of the passing of a beloved comrade, - ‘Nomvete’. We know ‘Nomvete’ as a long-serving activist in our Khulumani member group on East Rand. He helped us to grow Khulumani and to take our work to greater heights. He never tired of our work for reparations. He helped us to keep that struggle alive.

Khulumani calls on Nersa to reject Eskom’s application for a 25,3% price increase on 29 June 2015 in the context of already disastrous impacts of the April 2015 increases on the living conditions of people in poor communities

Khulumani Support Group joins its social justice partners in declaring that electricity is a public good that must be accessible to all the country’s people. The present request from Eskom to the National Energy Regulator in South Africa (Nersa) for a 25,3% price increase for the 2015/16 and 2017/18 financial years, puts electricity out of reach of poor people and threatens to reverse hard-won gains made by government in providing access to electricity for poor communities.

Khulumani Continues the Demand for Justice, Redress And Accountability for Widows of the Marikana Massacre and their Families

Thirty four months after the start of the Farlam Commission, the release of the Marikana Report yesterday appears to confirm that "there is as yet no justice or accountability for the extreme violence visited upon" striking mine workers.

The statement of widows of the Marikana Massacre that was read onto the record of the Commission at its closing session, is in most respects confirmed by the findings of Judge Farlam and his co-Commissioners. 

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Khulumani (KSG)
Tue Apr 26 11:26:27 +0000 2016

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Khulumani (KSG)
Fri Apr 22 05:43:44 +0000 2016

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Khulumani (KSG)
Thu Apr 21 11:08:14 +0000 2016

RT @Lonmin_BASF: Meet @khulumaniafrica @DIMR_Berlin @BASF @NiemaMovassat and many more tonight Berlin #Marikana #M
Khulumani (KSG)
Thu Apr 21 09:19:59 +0000 2016

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