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Perspectives from the South on Transitional Justice: Bailey Robbins reflects on the Global Campus on Human Rights, held for LLM global students at the University of Pretoria

       "People come to 'save Africa' and 'teach Africa' about transitional justice. As if we don't know how to think. Why can't we conceptualize transitional justice for ourselves?" As I sat in the University of Pretoria Law Building and listened to Tshepo Madlingozi speak, I knew his words would shape the way I think about international law throughout the rest of my career. Tshepo is the Chairperson of Khulumani, an attorney, and a professor at the University. When he invited me to the 2-day Global Campus of Human Rights conference, I was excited to attend. The conference was led by Tshepo and a professor from London. I spent the following 2 days listening to many different philosophies, problems, and potential solutions surrounding transitional justice in post-conflict countries. What I walked away from the conference believing is this: there is more than one way to be in the world. 

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Remembering & Honouring Ahmed Timol

Today, 26 June 2017, Khulumani Support Group joins the global community in marking International Day in Support of Victims of Torture by having torture survivors from five Gauteng townships attend the opening day of the judicial inquest into the death in detention of Mr Ahmed Timol, a political detainee who died at the hands of the apartheid security police on the 10th Floor of John Vorster Square, the notorious police cells at present-day Johannesburg Central Police Station.

Khulumani Limpopo Members selected for the Changing Practice course and project

Two weeks ago, Khulumani's Limpopo Coordinator, Ms Caroline Rathokolo accompanied by a Khulumani youth activist from Steelpoort participated in the first module of a programme being offered through AWARD (Association for Water and Rural Development) with funding support from USAID to build capacity amongst organisations with a community-based membership in the Olifants River catchment of Limpopo Province.

The purpose of the programme called CHANGING PRACTICE is to equip local community members along the Olifants River Catchment with skills for monitoring the impacts of climate change on the environment with a special focus on the impacts of the extensive coal mining across the province.

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Khulumani (KSG)
Mon Jul 24 13:09:25 +0000 2017

Advocate Howard Varney cross-examining security police torturer in the Ahmed Timol Judicial Inqest in Pretoria...
Khulumani (KSG)
Mon Jul 24 11:03:05 +0000 2017

Lorraine Kakaza at the meeting at UWC (University of the Western Cape) speaking of environmental concerns of...
Khulumani (KSG)
Mon Jul 24 07:00:07 +0000 2017

Mr Ronnie Mamoepa, who diligently served our country as spokesperson for various departments and politicians,...
Khulumani (KSG)
Mon Jul 24 06:53:37 +0000 2017

One of the protagonists in the new film, Inxeba - The Wound, Niza Jay speaks of his conscious decision "not to go...