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Jacqueline Derens reports on the Film Screening of 'Miners shot down' in Paris accompanied by the Khulumani exhibition, Voices of the Widows of Marikana

Ms Jacqueline Derens, a close friend of assassinated anti-apartheid activist, Ms Dulcie September, reports that the film screening in Paris of the film about the Marikana massacre, 'Miners shot down' and the Khulumani exhibition, Voices of the Widows of Marikana was attended by 200 people.

Khulumani mourns the passing of another Sharpeville Six survivor, Ms Theresa Ramashamole on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 at her home in Sedibeng: We will not forget

On Tuesday, 24 November 2015, Mam’Theresa Ramashamole, one of the surviving members of the Sharpeville Six, and affectionately known as the “Mother Theresa of the Vaal”‚ passed on at her home in Sharpeville‚ Sedibeng.

Mam’Theresa along with Khulumani founding member, Mr Duma Kumalo, was one of six persons falsely accused of complicity in the murder of a Lekoa councillor and Deputy Mayor of Sharpeville, Mr Kuzwayo Jacob Dlamini on the fateful day, 4 September 1984 during the 1984 Uprising against rent increases.

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