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Advocate Thuli Madonsela delivers the 2016 Neil Aggett Memorial Lecture, Kingswood School, Grahamstown, Wednesday 21 September 2016

Advocate Thuli Madonsela paid tribute to Neil Aggett in her lecture that highlighted the possibilities for each of us to keep alive the flames of justice by standing up against injustice wherever we are. She inspired the Kingswood School and Grahamstown community with her arguments that it is in taking care of small things that we make the biggest differences. She encouraged each person to contribute to making these stands wherever they might be.

Khulumani Associate, Rita Kesselring's New Publication: An Injury to One Is an Injury to All: Class Actions in South African Courts and Their Social Effects on Plaintiffs


Rita Kesselring who obtained her Ph D on her work with Khulumani members in the Western Cape, has let us know that her most recent article has just been published.

The article focuses on class actions in South Africa, using the examples of the price fixing of bread case and the Khulumani case. 

Khulumani marks Heritage Day 2016 with a Call to Remember Our Past

On National Heritage Day, 24th September 2016, Khulumani Support Group remembers our past. We say:

- We do not forget our family members, friends and other comrades who were murdered by the apartheid security forces.
- We remember that some of the murderers have not yet been brought to justice.
- We do not forget our daughters and sons and others, abducted by the apartheid security forces, who disappeared without trace.
- We do not forget our spouses, daughters, sons and comrades who were tortured by the apartheid security forces, whose lives remain disrupted and made defective, without healing.
- We do not forget the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment deliberately meted out to the majority of our peoples by the apartheid government, who regarded most of us as an inferior “species” and who eliminated those of us (black and white) who opposed them.

Critically Rethinking the Implications of Impunity for South Africa's Apartheid Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme: The POISONED PASTS Exhibition, Nelson Mandela Foundation from 6 October 2016

The Nelson Mandela Foundation will host an exhibition from 6 October called POISONED PASTS, while the process of sentencing Dr Wouter Basson for his involvement in the apartheid government's Chemical and Biological Weapons Programme, remains stalled by his reversion to the North Gauteng High Court in efforts to claim bias on the part of the HPCSA's Disciplinary Panel.

The exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Foundation focuses on the use of poison and chemical substances by the military and the police and the impacts of these substances on those suspected of being harmed.

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