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French translation of Khulumani's book 'Justice, redress and restitution; voices of widows of the Marikana Massacre' by Clara Magazine - a feminist journal in France

This is the English version of a Press statement by the French feminist journal, Clara Magazine, about the translation of Khulumani's book on the struggle of the Marikana Widows for Justice, Redress and Restitution. This book contains texts and paintings produced by the Marikana widows. See the French version of the statement attached.

Order the English version here:

Global interest in the "unfinished business" from Apartheid South Africa: A Focus this week on South Africa's Past and Present in Denmark and in France

This coming week will see two events related to how the world tries to make sense of whether and how South Africans have dealt with their past and how it could have been possible for police to kill workers when they were appealing for a meeting with the management of the mining company in which they had invested their lives and labour, to negotiate a wage regime that would support a basic level of dignity and quality of life.

The two events of this coming week will both be launched on 7 September 2015. 

Call for a new Kairos Moment - Interview with Dr. Marjorie Jobson published in The Journalist

Kairos Southern Africa held a ceremony at the Regina Mundi Church in Soweto on 18 August 2015 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Kairos document, dubbed “the moment of truth” by members of the religious community. Khulumani Support Group participated in the event. 

Kairos is a Greek word simply meaning ‘opportunity’. When theologians use it it’s a decisive moment. Time to take a stand. Three decades ago church leaders in South Africa and elsewhere declared apartheid unBiblical. They placed a state that claimed to be Christian and that had the support of the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, in an invidious position.

In an interview with Linda Fekisi from The Journalist, Dr Marjorie Jobson, KSG national director, talks about the relation between the Kairos Document and the quest for Khulumani to find justice for the oppressed.

Remembering Marikana: Screening of the film, 'Miners Shot Down' followed by a panel discussion including Khulumani's Nomarussia Bonase

On Sunday, 16 August at Constitution Hill, the film ‘Miners Shot Down’ by Rehad Desai will be screened at Constitution Hill in a commemorative event on the third anniversary of the Marikana Massacre.

This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by the journalist, Verashni Pillay.

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Report on Khulumani's Participation in the September 30, 2015 Anti Corruption Marches