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Restaging of The Story I Am About To Tell, a testimonial play featuring the personal stories of Khulumani Founder Members

The Story I Am About To Tell, a powerful piece of testimonial theatre involving the stories of Khulumani founder members, opens at the Soweto Theatre on this coming Friday, 25 September 2015.

This is a restaging of the play that was developed by Bobby Rodwell of the theatre company mehlo-maya (eye-to-the-sun) with dialogue written by writer Lesego Rampolokeng. It is being staged at the Soweto Theatre from this coming Friday 25 September until 4 October 2015. Please see the attached flyer for times of the shows.

Khulumani Support Group joins partner civil society organisations in marking International Day for Peace 2015, with its theme of Partnerships for Peace - Dignity for All

Johannesburg-based organisations are hosting a press briefing today 21 September 2015 at the premises of of the Human Rights Institute of South Africa in CIVICUS House, 31 Quinn Street, Newtown, Johannesburg, to commemorate International Day for Peace. 

This year's theme recognises that the work of the United Nations would not be possible without the thousands of partnerships each year between governments, civil society, the private sector, faith-based groups and other non-governmental organizations that are needed to support the organization in achieving its goals. 

Establishment of a second Khulumani group in Worcester

A Second Khulumani Member Group launches in Worcester, Western Cape, 13 September 2015

Ms Belinda Ameterra writes, "We are so glad to share with you that we had our elections meeting today and it went so well. We were 19 attendees. We had apologies from the others due to late working hours and 2 of them were taking part in professional sports today. 1 elderly couple are both sick and in bed. So our new board is elected. We have tried to give every member a portfolio in order for them to live into their potential and so that each of us can work hand in hand with the executive members. I was elected the coordinator / fundraiser for the team. We know it will not be all moonlight and roses but it makes us feel wanted and worthy. We also resolved to have another memorial service on 31 January 2016. We will keep you posted."

Khulumani calls for its members to join the Anti-Corruption Marches on 30 September given the threat it presents to the state of democracy in South Africa today

As we mark International Day for Democracy today, 15 September 2015, we pay attention to the words of former Justice Kate O'Regan who was a speaker at a meeting held at the Centre for Development and Enterprise on 10 September 2015 that discussed how democracy could be strengthened, looking at specific issues and communities. She explained that the

"prime drivers of democracy can never be courts, can never be commissions, can never be lawyers ... It's people, people operating as citizens. In a sense these are all tools to make democracy possible. But if there are tools that are not picked up and used they'll just lie in the garage."  

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