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BREAKING NEWS: Plaintiffs File Petition in Second Circuit Court of Appeals to Review Panel’s Decision in Apartheid Case

Today Khulumani US attorney, Mr Michael Hausfeld, confirmed that the legal teams involved in the S A Apartheid Litigation, have filed for an en banc review of the 2nd Circuit Court decision to invoke the Kiobel decision to call for the dismissal of the case.

This means that the teams have applied for a full bench of judges including those who made the decision to call for a dismissal of the case, supplemented by an additional eleven judges from the 2nd Circuit Court, to review the decision of the court in the S A Apartheid Litigation.

Nepali NGOs have derailed the human rights discourse

Ram Bhandari of the Nepali National Network of Families of the Disappeared and Missing offers an important critique of the transitional justice industry, an industry dominated by big NGOs and think tanks: Nepali NGOs have derailed the human rights discourse.

Khulumani has reflected on this before (see Tshepo Madlingozi "On Transitional Justice Entrepreneurs and the Production of Victims" (2010, Journal of Human Rights Practice) .

Below is an excerpt from Ram Bhandari's interview with Kamal Raj Sigdel and Darshan Karki:

Announcement made after the 2013 Kingswood College annual Neil Aggett Memorial Lecture given by Mr Jay Naidoo; and after the handing over of the “Neil Aggett” award

After the 2013 Kingswood College annual Neil Aggett Memorial Lecture given by Mr Jay Naidoo on Friday September 13, Professor Roy Jobson of the Neil Aggett Support Group announced the establishment of the Dr Neil Aggett Unit by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) also known as Doctors without Borders. This regional initiative of MSF will assist, enable and empower young doctors and health care workers to take on various activist roles.

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Khulumani Youth Forum Theatre is invited to the SEX ACTUALLY Launch & Several Workshops


In Memory of Robin Williams

Robin williams

A prayer posted by Christine Sine which she wrote while thinking about the impact Robin Williams (the actor in Good Will Hunting and many other films) whose death has been devastating for many following his suicide this week. Robin Williams took his own life in a battle with major depression. In Khulumani, we too know the terrible impact of brokenness and pain.

God we know the wounds our world can inflict,
And have felt the heartache of its brokenness.
Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear,
That pain can give birth to laughter,
That humour often hides our fears.
Let us look at sorrow and anguish and not blink.
Accepting responsibility let us become pilgrims in the ruins,
Choosing to respond with love and compassion,
To all who are hurting and in pain.

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