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Khulumani receives 2013 International SEED Award in Nairobi, Kenya

Khulumani receives 2013 International SEED Award in Nairobi, Kenya

Last night Khulumani's Gauteng facilitator, Nomarussia Bonase attended the SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development) Award Ceremony in Nairobi where the SEED Winners for 2013 were announced.

The 2013 SEED International Jury selected Khulumani as a winner of the 2013 SEED Awards out of 72 shortlisted initiatives.

Khulumani received a SEED award in the African category for its initiative “Khulumani Gogos Going Green”.

uMbumbulu Peace and Reconciliation Ceremony, Sunday 27 October 2013

Khulumani associate Dr Ben Khumalo-Seegelken travelled from Oldenburg in Germany this weekend to join the people of uMbumbulu in a cleansing and reconciliation ceremony that took place on Sunday 27 October 2013 at eZimwini (Ogagwini Area) in the uMbumbulu District. 

Dr Ben's visit to South Africa in September 2013 led to the reactivation of processes that had been initiated in 2010 when the first such ceremony was held in Vulindlela. See the attached paper entitled 'UkuHlambulukelana nokuBuyisana – - Cleansing and Reconciling in KwaZulu-Natal Today' which describes the origin of the ceremony of ukubuyisana“, meaning to 'meet halfway in order to proceed together and to bury the hatchet.'

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Khulumani (KSG)
Fri Oct 31 06:43:14 +0000 2014

RT @theICTJ: #SouthAfrica teaches a past that looks a lot like the present: @UNICEFEducation @khulumaniafrica #TJEdu
Khulumani (KSG)
Wed Oct 29 06:03:31 +0000 2014

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Tue Oct 28 09:40:28 +0000 2014

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