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Sunday Times Article: Aggett's torturer earned millions from SARS work - 7 June 2015

Apartheid security cop Lieutenant Steve Whitehead, who was found responsible for struggle activist Neil Aggett's death and now faces a possible murder rap, has scored millions of rands doing intelligence work for the South African Revenue Service.

This is revealed in secret documents of the SARS rogue spy unit and a payment schedule obtained by the Sunday Times.

Khulumani welcomes the ACHPR's Adoption of Resolution 303 on the Right to Rehabilitation for Victims of Torture on 7 May 2015

 On the closing day of the meeting of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, 7 May 2015, the Commission adopted Resolution 303 on the right to rehabilitation for victims of torture.

     The resolution urges all African states to adopt legislation prohibiting torture and calls for appropriate and effective medical and social assistance to survivors of torture as well as compensation, the prosecution of perpetrators of torture, the ratification by all African states of the Convention against Torture and its Optional Protocol and guarantees for the provision of rehabilitation services.

Charges against Ngwathe Independent Community Association (Nica) members dropped after they win their Case (No: B3/15) after four months of unnecessary disruption

On 18 May 2015, NICA, the Ngwathe Independent Community Association in Parys, won the case in which they faced charges of public violence and of convening an illegal gathering in Parys in the Free State in January 2015. 

Some members of NICA have been involved in a process initiated by the Department of Justice to allocate victims' reparations funds to the local municipality for infrastructure development, in the name of victims, but without their consent. In the process, a relationship has been established between the NICA members and Khulumani towards ensuring that all processes become community-driven towards empowering community members, rather than benefiting only persons chosen for patronage. 

Khulumani Reflects on the Conclusion of the Canadian TRC's Six Years of Work as its Report is launched on 2 June 2015

On 2 June 2015, the six year long investigation into the impact of residential schools on Canada's indigenous peoples concluded with the launch of a Call to Action by the Commissioners to the people of Canada to take the findings of the Commission that the compulsory residential school system for aboriginal children represented a form of 'cultural genocide' and to make redress in the interest of long-term reconciliation amongst the people of Canada.

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