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The Story of Farmworker Maria Mnyane from Moutse in former KwaNdebele

As we commemorate International Women's Day today, we share the story of Farmworker Maria Mnyane:

In 1986 I was at the Nissan pumps (on the farm where I worked in then KwaNdebele), living in misery.  Every sunrise the farmers were all over the farm, (to pick us up to come to do the work).  We were driven to work. They would say, “we made the farms filthy.”  We were hungry. We were given porridge with a teaspoon of brown sugar.  By the end of the month we were paid R2 in the 1980s.  (they would tell us, “If you don’t want to work leave the farm and go to your father Mandela”. We were forced with guns and whips to work even on Sundays.

The truth of International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016 is that women remain exploited and economically marginalised

When International Women’s Day was established 106 years ago at a meeting of 100 women delegates from 17 countries, the purpose was not just to highlight the cause of “women as housewives and mothers”, but also to support the abolition of “all privileges deriving from birth or wealth”. (Terry Bell, 6 March 2016). Then, as now, women were on the bottom rungs of a ladder of exploitation. At that conference, a Russian delegate had noted: “It is a matter of indifference who is the ‘master’, a man or a woman”.

Black women in South Africa suffered the oppression of being both female and black. In Khulumani workshops, women name the oppressions from which they suffered under apartheid.

Remembering Khulumani Founder Staff Member Duma Joshua Kumalo

On Saturday 6 February 2016, family, friends and close associates of Duma Kumalo came together at the COME TOGETHER Community Centre in Cyferpan Road, Sebokeng to honour a life that impacted on so many people in their struggles for justice in South Africa. 

Duma Kumalo had passed away on 3 February 2006 while attending a training course of the Independent Electoral Commission for community activists who would be motivating people to use their hard-won votes in the imminent local government elections of that year. 

VIDEO: Khulumani engages with the Siyafunda Community Technology Centre to bring access to digital technologies to the communities where it is organised

KHULUMANI APPRECIATES THE SUPPORT OF MR AHMED ISMAIL, Founder of Siyafunda Community Technology Centres in helping to bring access to computers and digital technologies and training to under resourced communities in a partnership that will see the setting up of Khulumani Community Knowledge Centres by Siyafunda CTC in association with organised Khulumani local groups.

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