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Charges against Ngwathe Independent Community Association (Nica) members dropped after they win their Case (No: B3/15) after four months of unnecessary disruption

On 18 May 2015, NICA, the Ngwathe Independent Community Association in Parys, won the case in which they faced charges of public violence and of convening an illegal gathering in Parys in the Free State in January 2015. 

Some members of NICA have been involved in a process initiated by the Department of Justice to allocate victims' reparations funds to the local municipality for infrastructure development, in the name of victims, but without their consent. In the process, a relationship has been established between the NICA members and Khulumani towards ensuring that all processes become community-driven towards empowering community members, rather than benefiting only persons chosen for patronage. 

Khulumani Reflects on the Conclusion of the Canadian TRC's Six Years of Work as its Report is launched on 2 June 2015

On 2 June 2015, the six year long investigation into the impact of residential schools on Canada's indigenous peoples concluded with the launch of a Call to Action by the Commissioners to the people of Canada to take the findings of the Commission that the compulsory residential school system for aboriginal children represented a form of 'cultural genocide' and to make redress in the interest of long-term reconciliation amongst the people of Canada.

Open Letter to the African Union Summit meeting in Sandton, 7 - 17 June 2015

africa unite say no10 June 2015: Khulumani Support Group joins 130 African Civil Society Organisations in expressing concern about the violation of the rights of many migrants and refugees who have been targeted since the military-assisted raids by the police, instituted by the state in April 2015 and which continue into the present 

In an Open Letter addressed to the officials of the African Union presently meeting in Johannesburg, 131 organisations highlight the April 2015 resolution of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) which calls on the South African government to comply with the provisions of the African Charter in respect of the fundamental rights of all persons living in South Africa, regardless of their immigration status.

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Fri Nov 27 06:43:09 +0000 2015

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Khulumani (KSG)
Thu Nov 26 08:43:07 +0000 2015

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Khulumani (KSG)
Wed Nov 25 10:55:48 +0000 2015

2015 Has been a Busy and Productive year for Khulumani Youth Empowerment Through Forum Theatre...
Khulumani (KSG)
Wed Nov 11 09:51:52 +0000 2015

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