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'Complexity in Community Relationships' - Khulumani leads Transdisciplinarity Seminar at Rhodes University

The monthly Transdisciplinarity Seminar held at the Environmental Learning and Research Centre was led by the Khulumani team in Makana Municipality on 21 August 2014.

The topic was 'Complexity in Community Relationships' and focused on the requirements for 'the dominated' to act to change their circumstances through making organised and effective demands through asserting a tactical agency. This is defined as 'discerning and making use of possible opportunities to find a way or to use one's own means.'

Khulumani Support Group Endorses Call for a Transparent Criminal Investigation into the Arms Deal

Khulumani Support Group endorses the call for accountability for the Arms Deal that has escalated in cost to R70 billion in a context of continuing social and economic exclusion.

The arms deal has not provided security in South Africa. Its excessive cost has burdened the state with unjustified debt in a situation in which thousands of struggle veterans who stood for justice and freedom in South Africa, remain excluded from effective participation in and contribution to the post-apartheid dispensation because of the state's failure to embrace the recommended measures for repair and restitution while funds were redirected to an arms procurement process that was ill-informed, unnecessary and unsuitable for the country.

Khulumani Gauteng Local Branch Facilitators participate in a self-care workshop in Johannesburg, 10 – 12 September 2014

Eleven Khulumani local group facilitators were hosted at St Peter’s Lodge for 3 days of last week to participate in a self-care workshop, entitled Wrapped in Angels. The workshop was facilitated by Ms Merle Conyer, a South African who has lived in Australia for the past 30 years where she works with survivors of trauma in trauma-informed processes.

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