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Dr Wouter Basson Attempts to Secure a Postponement of his Health Professions Council of South Africa Sentencing Hearing set down for 5 and 6 June 2014

On 18th December 2013, the Health Professions Council of South Africa found Dr Wouter Basson guilty of unprofessional conduct for acts committed whilst he was head of the Chemical and Biological Warfare programme of the South African Defence Force under apartheid.

Khulumani and other organsiations are calling on the HPCSA to remove Dr Basson from the medical register in South Africa, as an appropriate sentence for his egregious violations of medical ethics.

Six Khulumani facilitators in Eastern Cape to be trained in Identifying and Caring for Persons with Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease

elderly-dimensiaDementia amongst older persons renders them vulnerable to abuse and neglect: Khulumani Facilitators in Eastern Cape are to be trained as Lead Community Educators about Dementia in Older Persons.

One of the causes of the growing problem of elder abuse in South Africa is a lack of community awareness and understanding of dementia as a complex illness which begins with forgetfulness and which worsens as the brain cells of affected persons gradually die.

Khulumani Calls for Concerned Citizens to Sign the Petition to have Dr Wouter Basson removed from the register of medical practitioners

The inquiry into the professional misconduct of Dr Wouter Basson will conclude with the scheduled sentencing hearings set down for 5 and 6 June 2014. Khulumani will be attending the hearings for the sentencing of Dr Basson.

Dr Basson was found guilty of professional misconduct in December 2013 for violating the codes of ethics that govern the medical profession when he used his scientific knowledge in his capacity as Head of the Apartheid government's chemical and biological warfare programme. 

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