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Govt: Tutu out of line

Pretoria - Government was on Sunday dismissive of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's support for cases brought before US courts by apartheid victims.
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The end of the rope

"Duma Joshua Khumalo, prisoner number V3458. Imprisoned by the apartheid regime in 1984. One of the "Sharpeville Six" charged with "common purpose" for being in a crowd near the scene of the murder that year of a councillor during a rent boycott in Sharpeville."
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Reparation payment regulations published

Regulations published in the government gazette on Friday paved the way for the payment of reparation grants of R30 000 to the 22 000 victims identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) process. The regulations stipulate to whom reparation grants will be paid.
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Judge Sprizzo on possible dismissal of lawsuit

Judge John Sprizzo harshly told the plaintiffs' lawyers that they had failed to make a convincing case that the companies had "aided and abetted" crimes of the apartheid regime. Sprizzo said he would make a written judgment at a later date. But several of his comments in court indicated he…

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In Memory of Robin Williams

Robin williams

A prayer posted by Christine Sine which she wrote while thinking about the impact Robin Williams (the actor in Good Will Hunting and many other films) whose death has been devastating for many following his suicide this week. Robin Williams took his own life in a battle with major depression. In Khulumani, we too know the terrible impact of brokenness and pain.

God we know the wounds our world can inflict,
And have felt the heartache of its brokenness.
Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear,
That pain can give birth to laughter,
That humour often hides our fears.
Let us look at sorrow and anguish and not blink.
Accepting responsibility let us become pilgrims in the ruins,
Choosing to respond with love and compassion,
To all who are hurting and in pain.

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