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Alien tort ruling is a snub for global justice

ON APRIL 17, the US Supreme Court handed down the long-awaited Kiobel decision, which is considered a blow to human rights victims resorting to the Alien Tort Claims Act to seek redress from corporations that commit human rights violations. The decision has profound implications for South African apartheid victims seeking…
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Little hope of finding the truth that lies buried with the bones

ONLY a few apartheid-era crimes are still being investigated, but the National Prosecuting Authority will not say how many or reveal the status of the investigations. NPA spokeswoman Bulelwa Makeke said 350 cases had been handed to NPA investigators since the disbanding of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). It…

Widow leads police to grave

Elizabeth Mokoena, an ordinary, uneducated grandmother, did the incredible. She led police to the site where she believed her husband, an ANC member who disappeared in 1993, was buried. And exactly where she told them to look, they found the remains of a man. Now Mokoena and her two sons…
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Stefaans' journey from hell to forgiveness

67 victims travelled from Worcester on the Shosholoza Meyl on Wednesday to meet Stefaans Coetzee as part of the Department of Correctional Services' victim-offender dialogue programme. Coetzee stood patiently yesterday with red, moist eyes when his victims confronted him with their stories. The Worcester community forgave Coetzee, the only one…
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‘Voorbeeld vir wittes’

An article by the Afrikaans newspaper, Die Beeld, reporting on the meeting on January 31, 2013 between Stefaans Coetzee and the victims and survivors of the 1996 Worcester bombings.

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In Memory of Robin Williams

Robin williams

A prayer posted by Christine Sine which she wrote while thinking about the impact Robin Williams (the actor in Good Will Hunting and many other films) whose death has been devastating for many following his suicide this week. Robin Williams took his own life in a battle with major depression. In Khulumani, we too know the terrible impact of brokenness and pain.

God we know the wounds our world can inflict,
And have felt the heartache of its brokenness.
Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear,
That pain can give birth to laughter,
That humour often hides our fears.
Let us look at sorrow and anguish and not blink.
Accepting responsibility let us become pilgrims in the ruins,
Choosing to respond with love and compassion,
To all who are hurting and in pain.

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