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THE SHARPEVILLE COMMEMORATION: A View and Concerns from Khulumani Sharpeville Committee

In the community in Sharpeville there is apparently deep unhappiness about the state of the graves of the 69 victims of the shooting of 21 March 1960. Initiatives are underway to consult and negotiate for solutions – hopefully in time for this year’s commemorations, 55th anniversary.  

Marjorie Jobson, National Director, Khulumani Support Group reports on the progress and the problems still demanding attention. Dr Jobson hopes for support and co-operation beyond the circle of those already involved in that community:  

Experiences of the PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information) Civil Society Network of access to information from both state and private bodies

The infographic (attached) reveals that in the words of Melissa Fourie, Director of the Centre for Environmental Rights, 

“Accessing basic information such as mining licenses, social and labour plans, water use licences and environmental management programmes – documents that are readily and publicly available in other countries – is a constant battle. Government and several industry players actively seek to prevent disclosure and government often refrains from exercising its regulatory oversight adequately….. This frustrates the realisation of constitutional rights that depend on the ability of individuals, communities, civil society organisations, companies and decision-makers to access this information."

Khulumani Expresses Alarm about Minister Masutha's Announcement that the Special Dispensation on Pardons has been Resuscitated

On 30 January 2015 when Minister Masutha announced his decisions regarding the parole applications of the offenders, de Kock, Barnard and Derby-Lewis who were incarcerated for their roles in the killing of anti-apartheid activists, he concluded his press conference with an announcement that the 2007 Special Dispensation on Presidential Pardons in terms of section 84(2)(j) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 for crimes alleged to have a political motivation, had been resuscitated and that the process was being expedited.

Khulumani and its partners in the South African Coalition for Transitional Justice have registered their alarm about this development that has proceeded without any apparent reference to the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

Struggles of Members of the PAIA Civil Society Network for Access to State-Held Information Continue

Khulumani Support Group is a member of the National PAIA Civil Society Network, a coalition of organisations that works for the achievement of transparent and accountable government through empowering its constituencies to apply the country's now 14-year old legislation on the promotion of access to information, PAIA.

Khulumani was the very first organisation in South Africa to use the then-new and untested legislation enacted in 2000, which had been modelled on similar legislation in Sweden.

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