whatwewantThe overall purpose of reparations is to restore the dignity of survivors, to accompany the rebuilding of affected communities and to facilitate the reintegration of survivors.


5 Reasons Capitalism Has Failed: The root cause of our recent turmoil is the failure of the ominant economic paradigm - global corporate capitalism

Read this 2011 article by Bob Burnett, on understanding the devastating situation corporate capitalism has created across the world. It will help to understand why the Khulumani lawsuit is one mechanism to hold transnational companies accountable and to address this history of abuse and seeming disdain for civil society. "The modern world is ruled by…

The absence of substantial responses to Khulumani's submissions on what is needed to 'deal with the victims of the past'

This is an abstract from Khulumani's Submission to the President for his SONA (State of the Nation Address) 2012. - View abstracts. - Download full submission. Khulumani members have regularly called the Presidential Hotline to ask for the implementation of a comprehensive and inclusive reparations policy.

The lack of rehabilitation services for victims of apartheid gross human rights abuses: A Need for Appropriate Health Services

This is an abstract from Khulumani'​s Submission to the President for his SONA (State of the Nation Address) 2012. - View abstracts. - Download full submission. Khulumani wishes to draw attention to the fact that no physical and psychosocial rehabilitation services have been created specifically for the survivors of apartheid atrocities…

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Khulumani (KSG)
Mon Jan 05 04:10:43 +0000 2015

RT @agentjanty: @khulumaniafrica consistently ignored and bullied by department of justice. Healing is central to SA moving forward #rights
Khulumani (KSG)
Wed Dec 24 09:53:50 +0000 2014

Lighting a Candle for the Unsung Heroes: A tribute to all those who continue to hold the light in the struggle...
Khulumani (KSG)
Tue Dec 16 05:52:27 +0000 2014

The Khulumani Marikana Exhibition now available online in German Khulumani's work with the...
Khulumani (KSG)
Thu Dec 11 05:35:13 +0000 2014

TODAY Thursday 11 December between 10:00 and 12:00, SASOL Ex-Workers will hold a picket outside the Rosebank...