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The Attorney-General of Natal, Mr Tim McNally, who passed away during this past week, is remembered as the man who refused to see “evidence of apartheid hit-squads, even when it was staring him in the face (The Witness, 29 July 2013).

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Marikana Widows book coverThe deaths of 34 strikers at the hands of heavily armed South African police, on the 16th of August 2012, rocked viewers across the world. These scenes of police firing on protesters were far too reminiscent of events twenty and thirty years ago – events which South Africans, our elected government, and people across the world had demanded, must never, ever happen again. Then, at Marikana, it did happen again.

We present here eight narratives, told through visual art and in words, of women who are  family members of men killed in the Marikana Massacre. These stories came from a workshop with the women held by Khulumani Support Group in May 2013, while the women sat in silence at the Marikana Commission of Inquiry.

These women’s lives linked to the men killed in the Marikana massacre, sharing their needs and struggles, children, decisions, and dreams of the future. Yet despite all the attention that given to events at Marikana and its aftermath, these women have been left silent – until now.  

These stories need to be told. And we need to hear them. 

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40 pp full colour
R125 (SA Rands)
including postage & packaging;
$12.50 (US Dollars)

The Australian organisation, fivepointfive has nominated Michelle Favero as the latest winner of their CALI Award*.

On Saturday night, there was a dialogue held at Freedom Park on the Freedom Charter and Culture in celebration of the launch of a new musical oratorio called CREDO. One of the panellists was Ms Gwen Ansell. In her speech at the dialogue, she made reference to the book, "The Voices of the Marikana Widows".

On International Mandela Day, 18 July 2013, the Worcester Peace and Reconciliation Process launched a book to tell the story of the journey of diverse members of the Worcester community towards restitution and reconciliation. Khulumani Worcester Chairperson, Mr Harris Sibeko, delivered a speech on behalf of Khulumani Support Group.

This past week's New York Times' Sunday Review of 14 July 2013 carried the powerful story of ordinary Palestinians and Israelis who share the pain of having lost children in the conflict, coming together as human beings joined by the terrible experience of loss. Their message is simple - 

Khulumani Associate Mr Ruki Fernando shares his experiences of his work as a human rights defender in Sri Lanka at St Augustine's College, Linden, Johannesburg on July 17 at 19:00 in a talk entitled 'Sri Lanka - Human Rights, Reconciliation and the International Community.'

A Human Rights Media Centre - Cape Town Holocaust Centre partnership to present the stories of survivors of the Holocaust, of African wars and genocides and of apartheid atrocities has seen the hosting of two intergenerational dialogues to date. 

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