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1st December 2017 - World AIDS Day: A report on Khulumani’s Outreach Activity

Today was a fabulous day for the staff at Khulumani’s National Contact Centre. We had 8 staff members going out onto the streets of central Johannesburg to promote an AIDS-free World. We divided into 4 groups. Each group took on doing outreach along the length of one street.

On one street, we encountered many elderly people. They were very reserved about talking about HIV. But everone else was really happy to talk with us. We realised that for them, talking about HIV is still difficult. We need to overcome these challenges.

We feel the outreach was very productive. Each group handed out about 80 packs of condoms. We also handed out our brochure. We made many contacts and we received many inquiries about when people could come to our office to get tested.

In the course of conducting our surveys, we discovered that most people knew very little about TB. We found we were the only people out these doing HIV awareness today in downtown Johannesburg. No one else was handing out information or condoms and yet the need is so great.

Our community is calling out for help with HIV services. We are very proud of our staff and their teamwork. We feel we are on our way to growing. We are very excited.

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