Highlights of Khulumani's recent achievements as an active social movement - October 2012

Khulumani's commitment to support its members as active citizens is visible in various spheres of our society. We list some of the recent activities here to show the important role Khulumani plays as a social movement in South Africa.

1. Khulumani received confirmation from the United Nations that our submission of a complaint to the UN Special Rapporteur on alleged Extrajudicial Killings at Marikana had opened the door for a confidential process between the UN and the South African government. Khulumani has learned some important background information on the Marikana Massacre from our contact with miners at Marikana who are the children of Khulumani members from the Eastern Cape.


2. Khulumani Officially Offside comic art work has been published in the first two issues of a new isiXhosa community newspaper that is distributed across the Eastern Cape and in Khayelitsha. I am attaching a document about this advance. 

3. SABC Special Assignment has just completed its filming with Khulumani on the significance of the 20th Anniversary of the Bhisho Massacre and work with survivors of massacres in South Africa. We have not received notice of the date of screening yet.

4. Khulumani was nominated for the Southern Africa Trust - Mail & Guardian Drivers of Change Award. We were then approached to provide an additional visual submission for the adjudicators of the award. I am attaching a copy of our submission. The announcements will be made on 1 November 2012.

5. The Foundation for Human Rights has approved that we may continue with our partners in the SACTJ (South African Coalition for Transitional Justice) in the planning and hosting of the National Inquiry into Redress in South Africa - a three-day event at which survivor-identified Commissioners will hear the testimonies of survivor victims and provide recommendations to the state for remedies. This is scheduled for early November 2012.

6. Last week, Khulumani hosted a journalist, Udo Killiman, from German television for a documentary on legal action for corporate accountability to be screened in Germany. We have not been notified of the date of screening yet.

7. Khulumani Western Cape is organising testimony on police behaviour and effectiveness in Khayelitsha township for the Commission of Inquiry that starts hearing evidence this month.

8. Khulumani Forum Theatre and Khulumani Interactors were featured on the SAFM Youth programme, In Tune, on September 15, 2012 from 12:00 - 12:45 to discuss the influence of Steve Biko on their activism.

9. Khulumani hosted Professor Bill Rolston from the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland from October 7 - 10, 2012 for visits to former political prisoners in prison, in Mamelodi township, in Sebokeng township and in Tantyi township in Grahamstown.

10. Khulumani member from Worcester, Ms Olga Macingoane, has been nominated and short-listed for the Reconciliation Prize of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. The adjudication is currently taking place.

11. Khulumani is assisting the Legal Resources Centre in Durban with the preparation of legal challenges to the Special Pensions administration. The first case has been filed with the North Gauteng High Court and will challenge the adjudication process to recognise 'sacrifices made in the liberation struggle'. The issue is the lack of clear criteria and the evidence of political influence in the adjudication process. Further cases will be filed.


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