"We have to talk, we need changes" - Khulumani's report of the conditions of migrant mine workers on the platinum belt

"We have to talk, we need changes - voices from platinum belt mine workers and worker communities" is an in-depth 80 pages report of Khulumani's focus group discussions with migrant mine workers on the platinum belt. 

This title is based on a quote from a participating mine worker from the Bleskop Focus Group, “Yes, we are the youth of this democracy. But we came here to find these same conditions where our forefathers, our fathers, were working. It has not changed: the same dust, the same air, polluted air, the tools and everything, the same that have killed our fathers. That is why we are saying, we have to talk, we need changes.”

Please find it attached. It can also be ordered in hard copy at a price of R120.00 per copy.

The report on focus group research on the views and experiences of mineworkers, and mine-affected communities, in South Africa’s platinum mines in 2015 was compiled by Judy Seidman and Nomarussia Bonase, Khulumani Support Group July 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa. Research conducted with the support of TIPS.

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