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The Fingo Festival at the 2011 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown

2011 marks a turning point in the programme of the National Arts Festival that is hosted annually in Grahamstown. For the very first time in the Festival’s 37 year history, an official venue has been set up in the township with the support of the Makana Municipality.

The ‘Fingo Festival’ took place at the Raglan Road Multipurpose Centre in Fingo in the newly revamped Raglan Road precinct, a major economic investment of the Makana Municipality over the past year. The venue hosted a very exciting programme of music, dance, drama, exhibitions, poetry and some discussions on issues of social cohesion and nation-building.  The Fingo Festival is scheduled to become a regular feature on the programme of the National Arts Festival to provide a space for the participation and sharing of skills with local township and Eastern Cape youth.

The Fingo Festival is a partnership between Khulumani Support Group, the Fingo Revolutionary Movement and SOSAC (Save our Schools and Community). Khulumani is proud to have partnered SOSAC and the Fingo Revolutionary Movement in this initiative to extend participation in the Festival to young people from the municipality and beyond - three organisations that have a track-record of successful partnership activities that commenced with the Officially Offside project for the 2010 Red Card Campaign initiated by Khulumani Support Group in its efforts to advance corporate accountability of multinational corporations that functioned in South Africa during and since apartheid.

CueTV produced a video on YOUTUBE on one day at the Fingo Festival (see below).

Read more about the Fingo Festival in the attached booklet including the history of the Fingo Village, the 'Fingo People', and important local history, such as the KwaNdancama and the Lobengula Graves, Nathaniel Nyaluza Senior Seconday School, Fingo Village Vigilance Committee, the Defiance Campaign of the 1950's, and the Egazini Memorial.


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